fo.Q's Save $175 on Fo.Q HEM-25 Footers

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Save $175 on Fo.Q HEM-25 Footers

Everything in audio vibrates. It's a fact. As a result the "footer" on which a component is sitting can have a profound effect on performance.

The amusingly named Fo.Q company from Japan has a marvelous footer they call HEM-25. Available in brass or stainless steel versions combined with a high tech composite material called "Zero Bounce," these are one of the highest performing, most transparent footers we have come across.

Regularly $1125/4, now on special for $950!

The importer will also include your choice of TA-32 ($85) or TA-102 ($95) "Tuning Absorber Tape" with the purchase of 3 sets of HEM-25 footers.
950 USD

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